Scratch Built Amiga 500+

Ever wonder what it would be like to hand build an Amiga from a bare board all the way to a fully functioning computer? Well here is what that looks like. I had the pleasure of doing this one over a weekend and it looks amazing!

6 thoughts on “Scratch Built Amiga 500+

  1. This is great to see you scratch building an Amiga. I find this really inspiring! I’ve got my hands on a GBA 1000 motherboard and will be looking into locating chips and sockets and other parts to complete this project in the near future.


  2. Hay where did you get your components from for this build. I’m trying to source some for my build of a GBA1000 motherboard replacement for the Amiga a1000 system that I’ve had since 1986. Any help would be appreciated.
    R. Carter


    • Those are PLCC versions of the CIA chips that were new ild stock from the A600. The adapters are from a group buy along with all the other components from the forums at but it’s a German language site. They may still be avail, but they were sold in kits so not sure.


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