Sending in Repairs & Time Delays

Its been awhile since I have made a post and I have a good reason for that. Many of you may not know this isn’t a full time job for me doing repairs, upgrades, recaps and other projects with classic machines. This is something I started doing on the side originally to help out some close friends and club members. As time went on and I saw a particular ebay seller offering recaps on Amiga systems that didn’t own any himself I thought I would open up my service more publicly. The decision to do this came when I saw the large numbers of dead machines resulting from work being done wrong on them!

The downside to this for me is I can only do it on my free time and when I am home. My full time career work is as a civilian engineering technician for the US department of the Navy. This takes me away from home quite often and as a result can make things being sent in for more larger and time consuming repairs take a long time, often several months. I do simple recaps and quick hour or less jobs ahead of the ones I know will take several hours or days of diagnostic and soldering as well since I do not want to get stuck leaving a longer one part complete when I go on travel for an assignment overseas or out of state.

Another factor of time is I do not charge anything up front. Why? Well because it goes back to the time it can take for me to finish, the low prices I charge for service (again this isn’t a full time job and I do it out of the love of the systems and the friendship in the community) so ordering parts and getting the funds to do more complex things comes directly from donations and payments of previous work. (Another reason I do the quicker jobs ahead of the longer ones).

Why am I rambling on about this in a post some may ask?  Well to be honest I just want to make sure anyone visiting or sending something in understands that. I want to be completely transparent and fair. If I have a job in for you and its taking a lot longer than you would like, please let me know and I will try my best to get it out and home to you as fast as I can. I will also return anything that takes longer that you feel comfortable with at any time. I cant pay the entire shipping back in that situation, but I will be more than happy to pay it in part.

One last thing, keeping my prices as low as I can is something I insist on doing. I am flattered at the donation requests I have received in the past and have been asked if I would accept any others. If you feel that you want to do this in support of funding equipment and parts I would be greatly appreciative of it! Every single payment I get for the work I do goes right back into this. I take great pride in being able to fund this nearly all with payments for past work and my wife does too! Once again thanks for understanding and please feel free to contact me any time. I read all the comments I get and respond to all the feedback that comes through the contact tab on the page here!


-Paul (Acill)

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