New Amiga 2000 CPU Slot Adapters!

The new design is done and the boards are in! This time they are in brilliant black and gold! Prices remain the same for these. They are $35 shipped worldwide when paying with PayPal. For those that do not know what they do, they allow you to relocate a device normally used in a 68000 CPU socket to the A2000 CPU slot for easier access and convenience. They work great with the Vampire 500 and the Terrible Fire accelerators as an example.


13 thoughts on “New Amiga 2000 CPU Slot Adapters!

    • Sure, just send me an email using the contact tool here and I will let you know how to get it paid for. They are $35 shipped anyplace in the world now.


  1. Hi Acill,
    thanks for the good work. Are there known issues with a Rev 4.4 board, your connector and a vampire? It works with the M68000 but produces a yellow screen with the vampire. The vampire works in the CPU socket.
    Regards Ali


      • Hi,
        yes, both ROM and 68k were pulled out. I also checked the connection between CPU connector and CPU slot or Custom Chip. All fine. Either busted chipset or incompatible mainboard. If you could try, would be great.


  2. Hello, do you think it is possible to reverse-use it in an Amiga 1000, to have a Zorro compatible slot inside the case pinned in the processor clot of the amiga 1000 ?


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