What a Long Stange Trip its Been!

Whew!! This first half of the year has gone so fast! With all the amazing news in the retro scene it’s a wonder anyone has got anything done right? Things are definitely exciting right now.

That being said I have had some great projects as well that has been a tremendous success! That is all thanks to a lot of my customers, friends, and followers. I want to thank you for that. I wouldn’t have built up the great reputation and friendships without all the support I receive, some of it well above and beyond expectations.

Things are busy here with me. The results of that mean returns can be slow. I can promise things will be completed and returned as quickly as time allows. Things I have decided are beyond my capabilities or just don’t allow me the kind of time required to get them up to speed may be returned. This will be at my expense if that’s the case.

Lastly, we have the Amiga 4000 Rev B replica project completed at last. It went very well! The final design is much more than expected and should be something anyone interested in how retro computer mainboards are designed should take a look at! You can find the GitHub repository for the project here: A4000 Rev B Replica Project Soon the first prototype boards will be here with me to take a look at and proof out the design. Once that’s done I am sure we will get a group buy put together for more of them along with some parts to help get old 4000’s replaced and “sick” ones back to health.

I have also had a lot of requests to donate a little something to my efforts in all this. I appreciate this and it’s honestly not necessary. That being said if you want to buy me a cup of coffee or just say thanks, you can do it at the top of the Services tab or here: Donations

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