Black 4000 Replica Boards

The next batch of boards came in and sold out fast. Here are a few images of the black design. All future boards that come directly from me will be only available in red however. This was a special request.

2 thoughts on “Black 4000 Replica Boards

  1. Next step replace the custom chips by cheap cyclone 10’s and the 040 by a high end Arria10 ?
    On the digikey website cyclone 10 LP’s start at 5$
    Using a fast model at around 20$ there would be room to add custom logic.
    Using a high end Cyclone 10 GX or Arria to replace the CPU could then transform the whole machine into the FPGA based self morphing machine the 2010 FPGA “revolution” never achieved.

    People have been creating amiga custom chips and motorola cpu’s using FPGAs for a while now. A lot of the needed verilog designs are freely available.

    As a base you can create a new Amiga 4000 using your new board and “FPGAGA” chips then build from there. Custom chips obviously aren’t made any more, so this seems to be the logical next step.

    From what I’ve seen on the market people seem set on building their new Amiga prototypes with a single FPGA in mind. Taking the original A4000 board as a base and using a cheap FPGA like the cyclone 10LE016 or even 025 for each custom chip seems more scalable to me. With some clever people doing some passionate work, like we know the amiga community is capablme of, this could turn into a computer system that does things no other computer systems are doing now.

    The arduino boom with it’s few kilobytes of ram and flash has shown us it’s not size that matters to get people passionate about something.

    All this to say. keep up the good work . I’m very impressed by what was “quietly” achieved here.


    • Thank you for the kind words! Yes lots of things are in the works for this as time moves on. The idea was to get the time and the data in the proper way for a good foundation to work off of. Now that this is complete the next stages should be able to move forward once the right people step up to the task.


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