5 thoughts on “Amiga 4000T Replica Project Update

  1. Isn’t that total wrong? Shouldn’t it be $5,500?

    When you say you will have some completed boards, will they be completely complete as in all custom chips and everything else included, ready to just install in a case?

    Are you expecting these to be straight replicas of the original 4000T boards or possibly include some of the updates that have been developed like 64MB fast ram or faster IDE?


  2. No look closer. Part is for the schematics the other is for the reverse engineering and data. In any case due to push back I’m not longer interested in managing this project. I’ve cancelled the request and told them I won’t be moving on with it now.


    • That’s a darn shame. The 4000T is so much more interesting to me personally than the desktop version. I was really looking forward to this!

      Don’t answer if you don’t want to, but push back from who? From the company you got the estimate from or from the Amiga community? The 4000D project seems to have generated a lot of interest and I see a lot of them over the forums. I would have thought that the tower version would generate at least as much interest. At least I thought it would 🙂


      • From some members of the community. I just dont want to deal with it this time around. Its better to just leave it alone. Its a ton of work and not worth risking getting a ton of donations, falling short and then having others complain over and over at me because the design was done in professional level tools and not open source free ones.


    • I understand. It’s really a shame that you go to all of this effort to do projects like this that are of great benefit to the community only to have people sh*t all over it and you.

      I’m sorry that you have had to put up with reactions like that. It’s inappropriate and juvenile.


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