Greetings Everyone!

Its been a rough start of the year for me. As you all should know, and those that don’t I hope will understand the repair of classic systems isn’t a full-time job for me. I do this work mostly out of the love for the platform and to ensure they continue to live on. That being said I have had a lot of things sent in over a very short time. With my full-time regular job taking my time, me just getting over a massive case of the flu and a long trip scheduled to start on February 24th through March 23rd things WILL be returned slowly. I just want to make sure you are all updated and know I am working my best to get things done. As always if you can’t wait I fully understand and just ask you contact me so we can arrange for a return before I leave on the 24th.

5 thoughts on “Greetings Everyone!

  1. I just added a 500 to my collection that has some dead/dodgy keycaps lights in addition to my 2000 and CD32, so I’m still interested in your eventual services. I’ll get back with you late March.


      • Thanks! I should clarify: It’s a ‘blinking error code’ keycaps thing, meaning there’s a fault in the keyboard stuff. It’s intermittent and depends on pressure and position of the keyboard. Again, chances are I need a new membrane like you suggested. The original owner was an intensive coder, and smacked the return key probably millions of times.


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