Full Day of Soldering

It’s been a busy and long day. I’ve managed to get quite a few boards done and out today. I’m taking a pause with these on the bench for tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Full Day of Soldering

  1. Great progress there. How’s your queue looking?

    I’m leaning away from sending the 2000 in first, and doing the CD32, as the battery on the SX-32 has failed and needs replacement – it’s a coin type battery, but similar to the barrel types that have led to many tears for Amiga owners.

    I still don’t know if I should be calling you with the phone number, or expecting emails?


  2. As of now, my cue is mostly free again. I do have some project of my own I plan to work on, but if you need something done please feel free to ask. I am still not taking dead boards. I just don’t have the time for those unless we talk about them ahead of time.


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