Amiga Capacitors Lists!

Selection of leaded & SMD capacitors.

I realize not everyone wants to pay and have someone else recap an Amiga. For those looking to do it themselves I have taken the time to build up a simple page here now located up in the menu bar with the most common owned Amiga systems along with the Panasonic caps I use. These are high quality Hybrid Polymer variants. Can you get cheaper? Well, yes you can but I ask why? If you insists on them being standard low cost caps you can use the values and look for a normal one using this as well. Just find the size and search other brands or type in its place. I would ask why you would want to replace caps with lower quality though? Take the time to do it, and do it so it lasts is my feelings.

Also I would recomend you follow my good friend John “Chucky” Hertell’s guide on doing it right. You can find it on his site along with lots of other great things here:

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