A2000 Replica Boards Available Again

I’ve made another order of blue A2000 boards. They will still be $95 to a US address and $100 to all other locations for those interested. This includes all shipping charges as well. If you are interested please send an email to info@acill.com or a message through here. I expect to start shipping them out when I return on September 28th.


5 thoughts on “A2000 Replica Boards Available Again

  1. Nice work!

    It’s a shame Sprint is the absolute _worst_ to work with! I considered rolling my own fork of Floppie’s project with some helpful changes like A600 2-meg Agnus support and a native coin cell holder footprint, but I just don’t have the patience for Sprint’s lack of basic functionality such as net classes (or even the concept of nets) and the ability to push/pull trace segments.

    Kutos to you (and Floppie209..and of course Chucky!) for being able to pull this kind of stuff off with such a primitive tool!

    Hopefully someday DipTrace and KiCad will support layouts over top high res scans…


    • No, only a couple left in blue. I was thinking of getting another order out soon. If you would like them in red send me a message through the site and I will let you know the cost to go in on them with me if you want two.


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