Amazing CF to IDE Adapter!

I was playing around on Amazon and found these amazing IDE adapters for CF cards. These are perfect for Amiga use! I’ll be ordering up a few and reviewing them once they get in. If you are interested in picking up one for youself you can find them here:

3 thoughts on “Amazing CF to IDE Adapter!

  1. Of course I will. Curious as to what that’s all about. It just looks like people using cables that have the key pin spot blocked on them to me though. Using a full 44 pin cable would solve that issue.


    • Most of them seem to be people who are installing in laptops or macs. I think it was pin 10 they were talking about, at least on the macs. If I understand them correctly, that pin is physically blocked on the connector on the mac. It’s not super unusual. I’ve run into it with IDE and SCSI I/II connectors before.

      It shouldn’t be a problem on an Amiga though. The IDE connectors are all bare – without a shroud.


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