Live Soldering Classes? Maybe!

I have been thinking over the idea of doing an every other week soldering class live at a dedicated time in order to help build up my Patreon page and have some useful content to share. The idea is to offer Paterons the private view of the stream first and then to publish it on my YouTube channel just before the next one goes live two weeks later. This all depends on me being home and the interest in this.

So tell me, how do you all feel about something like this? Currently I offer a $1, $5 and a $30 support set. I dont expect anyone to feel the need to use the two higher ones, and if they do I offer some nice perks for it as a thank you. These classes will be for ANY level. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Live Soldering Classes? Maybe!

    • You can add a custom amount I believe. I am not wanting to do this to make any sort of profit. I just want to have something to keep the equipment up and the supplies it takes to do it stocked is all. Thanks for being a supporter!


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