Overwhelmed With Repairs

I’ve said yes to far to many people in regards to accepting repairs of boards that are just beyond what I can do right now over the last several months. As a result things are way out of hand here. Unfortunately my full time jobs schedule has changed for the worse and hasn’t let me get things done that I wanted too or a lot of them are just in a state that I cant figure out issues for and are just beyond what I feel comfortable attempting to go any further with.

This sadly means I am going to be going through things that I will have to return as is. As many may know (oe if you didnt you do now) I dont like to charge for work that didnt result in a repair if I didnt spend any of my money on things I didnt have sent to me from donations or have on hand to do repair attempts. None of the returned work will cost anything other than return shipping. I sincerely apologize to those that have things I cant get working. Its just the nature of the way this hobby works some times. I will be doing recaps still and am getting through them. The mail system has made it very difficult for me to get parts in, but I have most of them and am working through the weekends to get the recaps done. If I contact you for the address to return please be understanding. I am only here on the weekends through the end of the year it looks like now, and have the potential to be stuck leaving the US again mid October for the rest of the year. I do not want peoples stuff stuch here if I have to leave again for that long.

Again, I am sorry if your board is one I cant get working or have to return as is, but I will be happy to try again or recommend someone that can look it over I truest and is known in our circle of trusted techs.

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