Things are Slow Around Here…

Yes, I know they are. I have been just so overloaded with real life things that taking the time to post or do anything outside of my full time job has been nearly impossible. For that I am sorry. I am working on a few things around here behind the scenes to try and get some cash flow and make some improvements.

The first on my list to getting some systems together to sell off. This is mostly Amiga related gear, but I have a few consoles as well I may be letting go. I plan to add a section to the site for all of that, so my visitors will get the first go at them at a lower price found on other pages when I make them available. Keep an eye out for that new page up in the top menu.

Service and new work you ask? Yes I am taking in a few limited things. For now I am steering clear mostly from completely dead machines. I just cant give you all the time on them they need, and its not fair to keep them here for so long while you wait for me. Please feel free to ask, and if I cant do it I will refer you to someone that will. As always I will still take in upgrades, recaps and minor repairs with no problems.

We will see you all soon! Also dont forget to join us in our Discord chat! ITs full of some amazing people now! Join us here:

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