Accepting Recaps and Site Updates

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiry about getting boards recapped lately. I am accepting boards in for recaps as long as you are understanding of the time it may take to have them returned. Currently I have no waiting list, but I will be away from my shop for awhile. This doesn’t mean you can’t send something in now. It would arrive safe and be put into the work queue once it arrives. Someone will be here to receive it. I’m expected to be back July 28th. Boards received between now and then are first in line and would be returned about a week to two weeks later.

I am also looking for some help with the web site. If you are good with WordPress and want to help out, please get in touch! I’d like to integrate a simple store and do some cleanup of the way it’s currently looking. I plan to start selling projects here many ask for and want to keep an inventory of requested things many of you use. I’m also looking to do service like ROM burning, CF cards and other such things.


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