Vampire V500 in Checkmate Case

I have been taking some time over the last couple weeks to sell off some of my gear and clear up some space. It’s allowed me the time to finally get my V500 installed and into the Checkmate case I’ve had stored away for over a year now. It’s coming along very well and looks great. Here is the current progress of the build. It came to life just before posting this today.

Amiga 4000 Repairs

I got this A4000 in needing a re recap (someone previously did a very poor job) and it had an audio issue. I took care of the audio issues by replacing the op amp, fixed several bad traces from the previous recap not being cleaned up before new caps were installed, put a proper clock battery mod on it, full cleanup in the ultrasonic cleaner and a successful repair and restore to like new again.

I want to thank everyone that’s been helping me out and has been so understanding of the slow turn around. I’ve had some unexpected financial hardships recently and I’m slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is these days.

A3640 Upgrade & Repairs

Its been WAY to long since I did a post about something I worked on, so here we go! This 3640 came in needing some GALs to be removed and replaced with the Speedgeek versions. I took care of that and while I had it the caps were bad and needed some help, so I replaced them and corrected the issues the typically come with on these boards with the polarity being wrong on a few of them. Its looking good for a card as old as it is eh?

Things are Slow Around Here…

Yes, I know they are. I have been just so overloaded with real life things that taking the time to post or do anything outside of my full time job has been nearly impossible. For that I am sorry. I am working on a few things around here behind the scenes to try and get some cash flow and make some improvements.

The first on my list to getting some systems together to sell off. This is mostly Amiga related gear, but I have a few consoles as well I may be letting go. I plan to add a section to the site for all of that, so my visitors will get the first go at them at a lower price found on other pages when I make them available. Keep an eye out for that new page up in the top menu.

Service and new work you ask? Yes I am taking in a few limited things. For now I am steering clear mostly from completely dead machines. I just cant give you all the time on them they need, and its not fair to keep them here for so long while you wait for me. Please feel free to ask, and if I cant do it I will refer you to someone that will. As always I will still take in upgrades, recaps and minor repairs with no problems.

We will see you all soon! Also dont forget to join us in our Discord chat! ITs full of some amazing people now! Join us here:

New A1000 Motherboard? The A1100 by Miguel Fides

Surfing through the feeds over at Facebook I came across a really neat post with a video showing of this A1100 motherboard inside an Amiga 1000 case. I dont know anything about it other than watching this video, but I would sure like to find more in it. What do you think? Do you know who this is and what the plans for this are in the future?

Out Of Town Again

For those looking for work and status updates, its that time again for me. Work calls and my full time job is taking me out for a bit. I will be out of touch and not have much contact from today through December 5th. If I am able to get internet access will get back to you. Thanks and see you soon!

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