A4000 Rev B Replica Prototype Boards

I just wanted to show off a clear set of images of the new boards. They came out fantastic! As you all read this I have a set of boards being sent off to a couple select people that will be building them along with me to test them. I can say that I expect them to work great. This weekend I have spent a lot of time testing traces against a real board and the online PCB explorer site. So far I haven’t found any mistakes. I expect good news very soon!

Amiga 4000 Rev B Replica First Look

I just received the first pictures from the PCB fab before shipping and wanted to share this first look with everyone. The boards look great at first glance here. I can’t wait to get them in my hands to show the full up close shots when I get back home August 5th! They should ship on July 24th and be waiting for me when I get back.

A4000 Replica (Based on the Rev B)

This is it! This first views of the now completed A4000 Rev B layout! I’m going over it and will soon ask for feedback on this. Please remember this is in Mentor Graphics PADS and requires the viewer from them if you want to see it yourself. It’s free from them. This is amazing work! The pcb database file is located in the layout folder at the Github here: https://github.com/Acill/A4000RevB


I’ve put a lot of time into this and want to thank everyone that donated to make it possible. Very soon now the data to allow new boards to be manufactured will be posted on the Github as well. For those that have access to the full version of Mentor Graphics PADS you could take the info in the Github currently and export it to Gerbers, but I ask that you wait for the final versions to be announced after it’s verified completely. These are the completed project files though now unless errors are discovered.

The KTRL CD32 Gamepad

A great product offered for sale by the EAB user MickGyver is offering CD32 gamepads for sale. He offers them in Kit form for those of us that can assemble ourselves and ready-made if you are okay with a wait and bit of an expected premium for the service. They come with everything you need for a complete pad. Its a bit of a challenge if you are not good and SMD soldering, but the results are well worth it! I have built two of them and highly recommend them! Check out his for sale thread here for more information.

KTRL CD32 – Amiga CD32 custom gamepad

Yet Another 1200 Trace Repair

It seems I have been fixing 1200’s with blown traces a lot these days. In my opinion, this is something that shouldn’t be happening as often as I see it. Remember when you are installing things on the clock ports in this machine that it wasn’t ever intended to be used in the way we are using them. USB devices, fast serial ports, and other things can draw a  lot of power. In the case of this one, it was a Subway USB controller that when it was connected wrong and the 12V line from the floppy plugged in caused a short and blew the line. The only way to repair it was by using a jumper. Fortunately its all on the bottom of the board and not seen once installed back into the case.

AmigaOne X5000 CPU Cooler Upgrade

The great guys over at Amiga on the Lake have released a fantastic CPU cooler for the AmigaOne X5000. This cooler is simple to install, looks great and is a great value for the money. On top of all that it’s very quiet and efficient. If you are like me and love the best for you beloved systems I’d recommend it!

You can pick one up here: AOTL SUPER-CPU FAN REPLACEMENT KIT



Amiga 500 PlexiLaser Case

With the latest IndieGoGo campaign now funded for new A500 cases I was reminded I still had this fantastic designed Plexi case from the German company PlexiLaser to assemble. I have to say it came out much better than I expected. The qualiety of the panels are well above average, with plenty of room inside for anything you would ever want to install. If you are looking for something diffrent and want a unique Amiga I feel this is one of the best options currently available.

If you would like more information on this case and would like to purchase one you will find it here: Acrylic housing for Amiga 500

For more information on the A500 IndieGoGo visit: New Compatible Case for Amiga 500 & Plus 

Say Hello to the AmyITX, Now Complete!!

Many of you may have seen my posting about the AmyITX I was putting together a few months ago. I am pleased to announce its now complete and working well. I will be showing her off this year at the Amiwest Amiga and Commodore show in Sacramento California October 11th – 14th. If you would like to learn more about the Amy then please visit the project page at http://www.amy-itx.com/ .

More information about Amiwest can be found at http://www.amiwest.net/

MNT VA2000 CX Video Slot Adapter

Thanks to my friends over at MNT I was able to assemble this cool little board to pass the native video from my Amiga 2000 to my VA2000 RTG card they also make. This allows OCS/ECS native Amiga output through the VA2000’s HDMI slot. Its a difficult build if you dont have the skill for something like this, but it can save you a fair amount of money if you do. More information on it here: VA2000CX