I’m Famous!

Trevor Dickinson of A-Eon Technology did a flattering post about me over on his blog. Thank you so much for this Trevor!

Read the original article here: http://blog.a-eon.biz/blog/



Amiwest 2017 is Nearly Here!

As many of you may (or may not) know the 20th Amiwest show is nearing fast! It will be out in Sacramento California as it is every year on October 19th through the 22nd. In preparation for this things will be a bit slow here this week and over the next couple weeks after.  If you are going to be in town please come by and say hello to me as well during the show or at the banquet on Saturday night!

More info on this show can be found over at http://www.amiwest.net


Vampire 500V2 to A2000 CPU Adapters

I have run out of all the current stock to build these adapters. I have some boards being produced and expect them to ship and be ready in about three weeks. Once they come in I will post again when ready to take more orders of them. Thank you for the understanding. Prices will be $35 for US shipped and $40 for International.

JUST GOT SHIPPING NOTICE! Once they come in I will build and test. If all good I will start taking orders again on the forums. Stay tuned folks!