Away Again for the Month

I’ll be heading out on a trip to Japan that just came up suddenly. The nature of this one will put me out of communication for a lot of it. As a result anything in my work queue will be on hold until my return on the 28th. I apologise in advance for the delay, but work comes first as you know.

Amiga 2000 Replica Boards Ordered!

The first order of the final design is in and will be here some time next week! This is a cleaned up and tested release version. I have 20 boards coming in this batch. The rendering is the color choice I went with based on feedback from all of you. They will remain at $85 in the US and $95 international. This includes all shipping and handling as well. If you would like one please feel free to contact me and just select “A2000 Reserve” as the subject.

Amiga 1200 Repair and Recap

This 1200 came in with no right mouse button clicks working. After looking it over and removing all of the old capasitors it was clear it had some pretty extensive leaking under them. You can also see the results of that leakage. Several traces and VIA had been corroded to the point of no longer doing the job they intended to do. After several hours of cleanup the final result was a working 1200 and a much nicer looking one at that!

A2000 Replica Boards In!

Excited to say the first sample boards came in for the Amiga 2000 replica project! These are way better than the prototype sample I thought I was getting. They are full commercial quality with gold plated copper traces and all. They test good and I will be putting one together over the weekend and next week!

Amiga 2000 Replica!

This is a great project for the fans of the awesome Rev 6.X series of the A2000! I’ve had some time in the evenings while I’m stuck here in Spain working on a job to review it and make a couple of small changes. I am not merging them into this main project out of respect for the original creator since we haven’t talked, and to be honest I only cleaned up some areas in the ZII and video slot to see if it cleans up the signals. I’ve got two RED (Come on of course they are) prototype PCBs on the way and will be waiting when I return. If all goes well and they work I want to see about having my USA Fab produce commercial quality boards just like my A4000 boards. I’m also wanting to see if the creator of this project is open to accepting a $5 or $10 donation over what it costs me to produce them. I have confirmation from the Fab that they will be able to sell them to me at the same $65 a board in batches of 10 like the 4000. That means I’d still be able to offer them for $85 shipped just like the 4000 in the same gold plated quality! $90 or $95 with the extra going back to him.

Amiga Capacitors Lists!

Selection of leaded & SMD capacitors.

I realize not everyone wants to pay and have someone else recap an Amiga. For those looking to do it themselves I have taken the time to build up a simple page here now located up in the menu bar with the most common owned Amiga systems along with the Panasonic caps I use. These are high quality Hybrid Polymer variants. Can you get cheaper? Well, yes you can but I ask why? If you insists on them being standard low cost caps you can use the values and look for a normal one using this as well. Just find the size and search other brands or type in its place. I would ask why you would want to replace caps with lower quality though? Take the time to do it, and do it so it lasts is my feelings.

Also I would recomend you follow my good friend John “Chucky” Hertell’s guide on doing it right. You can find it on his site along with lots of other great things here: