The AmyITX is alive in the USA!

I am so excited about this and can’t wait to find the perfect ITX case for it! For now, I believe its the only one in the US. Help me find the perfect case this great little board deserves!


Don’t Forget Contact Info!!!

I’ve been getting a few things from people with nothing in the box telling me what needs to be done, who its from or any contact info at all. Putting your boards into a box and sending it as is will only make it very difficult for me to get in touch with you once I receive it and start to do work on it. I have one board now for example that is done and the name on the from address that was used on the fedex account does not match any of the names I can find in my emails. PLEASE but a note in the box with any information you think I will need!


3D Printing and Other Fun Stuff!

I’ve recently got myself a new 3D printer and have starting to make replacement parts and other fun items for use in the machines I love so much. I just wanted to share a few of them here with you all. If you like them and want to see more of this type of thing just let me know, or better yet help me get more space and buy me a coffee! Anything helps 😉