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We have just added some pretty cool services over at the Discord server. Joining the server is free and will remain so. We now offer some pretty cool membership tiers to help run things and offer support! If you are interested in learning more follow this link!


Shifting Directions?

Hello supporters and thank you all for being here for me! I have said it before and I will say it again, those of you supporting me are what keeps the projects I do alive. Saying that its time to move onto this meat of this post.

I am looking to shift direction some in what I do. With the time it takes to repair old boards over making new ones and creating interesting new built projects I haven’t done a lot of repairs as many I am sure have noticed. My full time job, the parts shortages and the fake or remarked parts coming out of China has just taking a lot of the fun out of it for me and many others.

What I am wanting to do moving forward is start some video series for supporters that makes the tings you want to see. I envision getting kits sent in by my viewers and creating a series where I built it on camera step by step, and then sent it back off to you. Hopefully getting the support I need to cover the cists of that. I think this would prove to be an awesome experience and add some much needed content for many of you to see and learn from.

The other goal is to get some gear and parts donations sent in for help in doing all this and having a supply of things to create new video and projects moving forward.

What does this mean for the future? Well it just means that more new builds are desired and less broken and old gear is going to get accepted. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to these old machines, and being honest I think the many new faces in the scene have spread out the repairs to a point now that the machines left in the wild needing it are some of the worst examples of what needs to be fixed. Lets do something new and make this channel grow and become more exciting! If you have something you would like features please get in touch with me at and we can get it going!


Hard at Work, and Good Looking Boards

Yes I am hard at work when home between my real life job and the travel it requires! Here are some of the recent boards I have been working on for all of you!

TF1260 Flash Upgrade Guide

Here is a quick and dirty flash guide for the beta firmware recently released. If you are in the US and want this done I’d be happy to help. Just send me your 1260 and I’ll return it flashed. Only charge will be return shipping.

TF1260 Flash

Patreon Support:

Welcome to another Acill Classics total RAW and uncut guide. I am not an editor, so you get them live and raw! ENJOY!! This is a quick and easy way to upgrade the TF1260 with minimal effort and no software to install or expensive dev kits. Its the same process using a pi to flash it, only in this one I use a FTDI cable.

Files shown here:

TF1260 Firmware Discussion Thread:

Amazon Listing for FTDI Cable:

Digikey Listing for FTDI Cable:

Just a Quick Update and Some Thanks

Well another month or two gone and some great things happening in the Amiga scene! We have had the TF1260 and the TF1230 released to full open source, the Vampire team hasent let us down and continued on the path of forgetting it base of users with previous hardware and released the first series of the V4 based cards for the 68000 based machine called Firebird and Amiwest 2021 has come and gone. Sadly no new real news on the Amiga-NG front again this year though.

I am busy with real work in my full time job as usual and it has continued to take me away from doing what I love for all of you out there. I wish I had two of me so I could keep up and offer more service. Those of you that have stuck with me and have had the patience to wait me out, thank you! It means a lot reading the emails and seeing how appreciated I am and being told its worth waiting for me to get your boards and other things completed at my free time.

If I can do anything for you or add to what I do here, please reach out! I love finding new and interesting things to do and add to this site and the other places you can find me!

Amiwest 2021 is Close!

I wish I could say I was able to attend this year, but sadly y duty calls and I will be out of town on a work trip. It seems this happens nearly every year! Maybe I need to talk to my boss and see if he is n Atari fann?

Here is the info on the show below an the link to learn more! You can bet I will be online for it though! Visit the official site here:

AmiWest 2021, the 24th AmiWest show celebrating the 36th year of the Amiga era and over two decades of AmiWest, and related events: October 16th & October 17th, 2021, at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California 95821, USA.