Adapters, Parts and SLOW Mail!

Some of you mail have noticed I have not sold any adapters, relocators or other projects I’ve built myself over the last couple months. Mostly this is due to the SLOW shipping from my parts supplier in China. I have just about given up on ordering some of the things I use from China because of this. I am currently looking for a better source for the bulk parts I get here in the US that will help speed things up. The issue is the price. Most of the places I find are just re sellers of the same types I get direct from China marked up double or more.

Also, I have been having a lot of issues sending small packages to the UK. Twice now I have a package that just goes missing once it leaves the US with no tracking updates after that. I may have to resort to sending it a slightly more expensive rate if this continues.

Accepting Work Again!

I’ve managed to get completely caught up with my back log of work. I’ll now be accepting work on a limited basis. Seeing as it’s the holiday season please understand it will be slow to arrive and return. I’ve also got plans to go out of town for Christmas like many of you.

If you are in need of a recap, upgrade or restoration please feel free to send a message.

Say Hello to the NEWEST Amiga 4000 on the Planet (For Now)

This past weekend I decided to do something for myself for a change. It all started out with me deciding to build up my own personal 4000 Replica Project board. I have sold and made them for so many people that I figured it was time for ME to get some new Amiga love for a change. I am happy to say she came out BEAUTIFUL! Here she is in all her glory, along with some progress pictures as I went along to the final result seen below.