That Pesky Corrosion!

Happy to be able to say this nice 4000 is back from the dead. After looking over the board I discovered a tiny VIA with a green dot on it. Sure enough it had corroded through and broke the path the trace used it for. After cleaning it up and unfortunately having to use a jumper wire to repair it we are good to go!


Another Clean A1200

Quick recap with only one minor issue from a bad leaking 10uF cap. It’s like new again and ready to go home. Hopefully I get a few more done before heading off to another out of country work trip on the 26th!

Yes, Work is Getting Done!

Thanks everyone for understanding and being so patient while my full time job has been super busy and taking me out of the country so much. I want to ensure you all waiting things are getting done between trips!

This A600 was just completed for Patrick F. More will be done this week before I head out again on the 26th for Australia.

Amiwest 2019 in Sacramento California!


Okay, so I’ve decided to attend Amiwest this year in October. It’s October 25, 26, and 27 with the 25th being completely dedicated to classic hardware and all things classic. I want to offer the ability to demo or show anyone’s products you want shown and can’t make it. I’ll also be willing to bring any over and sell for you at the show, or take orders if you provide it. That means you need to get things sent.

I’ve got the Vampires in my 500, 600 and 2000 to show. I’m personally extending the invitation to do a full area for them dedicated to those machines if the team sends me materials to hand out and display. Tech sheets, specs and so on. I’ve even told Igor Majstorovic I’d like to buy if needed the 1200 version.

I’ve got just about every newer 68000 socket style accelerator for the 500 I plan to bring. The HC533, Witcher, Matze TK030 and only the blank board for a TF530. An ACA500 system as well.

For CD32 I only have two of the Original TF without the 030.

Bringing at least one of my 4000 boards I’ve built along with hopefully a re1200 from John Hertell if it gets done in time and at least a blank prototype re3000.

I’ll bring some of the other various hardware I’ve done and examples of repairs.

Get in touch if you want me to do anything. I’d be sending anything back once the show is over of course.

Let’s make this year’s classic demos the star of the show!

Work Trips Ahead!

I wanted to let those wondering whats going on here in the shop that I am getting things done but have yet again a trip to go on for my real full time job. This time I am heading out to Northern Japan for a week. I will be leaving on the 10th and returning on the 17th of June, and then again on June 26th to July 17th for Sydney Australia. In between I will be doing some repairs and getting them back, so please keep an eye out on your in boxes in case yours comes up!

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