Commodore Amiga 2000 (Rev 6.2) With Many Extras $1250

Amazing A2000 $1250 + Shipping

This A2000 comes loaded with the ultra rare CSA Rocket Launcher Accelerator addon for the included A2630 taking it up to an Amazingly fast 50Mhz with FPU. It also includes the RAM board compatible with it, another very rare item, DKB 2632 which adds additional fast RAM through four 72 pin SIMM sockets accepting up to 112 MB RAM. Another added bonus is an original DKB Megachip. This brings the A2000 up to a full 2MB of chip RAM. For HD support I will include a new Individual Computers Buddha IDE controller. You also get the Amazing RTG card from MNT, the Va2000 with added flicker Fixer and Scan Double Video slot board. This allows for HDMI video with native modes passing through to the HDMI port on the card! A video Toaster 2000 card, and a HydraNET BNC Ethernet ZII card is also included. Keyboard is an Original A2000 model, but unfortunately the original mouse cant be located. If available I will include a 3rd party mouse or adapter.

This machine will come with a basic install of Workbench. Additional software required to operate the included expansion boards is available online free of charge. If help is needed to locate the items I am happy to assist you in locating it, or I can include it on a DVD by request.