Burned Traces on A1200

This Amiga 1200 came in after the owner plugged in a Subway clock port USB adapter backwords. Several traces we’re severely burned up. I was able to save this one and it’s working better than ever now after a full recap as well.


Blizzard 1240 to 1260 Upgrade!

Here we have a nice 1240 to 1260 upgrade done for Kirk. The process for this is a lot of fun and a great upgrade! The only thing left is the new 90 degree SIMM socket that will allow the case to close up nice once it’s installed.



And the upgrade is complete!


Amiga 68000 Socket to A2000 CPU Slot Adapters (Vampire V2 500)

The new boards are in! If you are interested in one please contact me for payment information. They are $35 shipped worldwide. Now with gold plating and looking great! All adapters are for use primarily for the Vampire V2 500 accelerator but also can be adapted for many others 68000 socket devices. The adapters come ready to use.


Amiga A3640 Accelerator Lives Again

Many of you may have followed the progress on the A3640 accelerator I was repairing using one of the newly produced bare boards. I am proud to show off this one fully restored to like new condition and working perfectly! Its amazing to see one of these after I complete them. Its like a step back in the past when you could still buy new ones!

This will be offered as a service for $150 in the near future once I have a chance to get caught up on all the work you’ve all sent in to me! Send in a bad one (With a good 040 of course) and you get one of these in return. Yes I am working to get things done, but real life and health got in the way of repairs as it can do!


Amiwest 2017 is Nearly Here!

As many of you may (or may not) know the 20th Amiwest show is nearing fast! It will be out in Sacramento California as it is every year on October 19th through the 22nd. In preparation for this things will be a bit slow here this week and over the next couple weeks after.  If you are going to be in town please come by and say hello to me as well during the show or at the banquet on Saturday night!

More info on this show can be found over at http://www.amiwest.net