NTSC Amiga 600

These are getting hard to come by, but this beauty is now alive and well with a full recap, new IDE header, new floppy power header and some major trace repairs from all the cap leakage.


New Amiga 2000 CPU Slot Adapters!

The new design is done and the boards are in! This time they are in brilliant black and gold! Prices remain the same for these. They are $35 shipped worldwide when paying with PayPal. For those that do not know what they do, they allow you to relocate a device normally used in a 68000 CPU socket to the A2000 CPU slot for easier access and convenience. They work great with the Vampire 500 and the Terrible Fire accelerators as an example.


Don’t Forget Contact Info!!!

I’ve been getting a few things from people with nothing in the box telling me what needs to be done, who its from or any contact info at all. Putting your boards into a box and sending it as is will only make it very difficult for me to get in touch with you once I receive it and start to do work on it. I have one board now for example that is done and the name on the from address that was used on the fedex account does not match any of the names I can find in my emails. PLEASE but a note in the box with any information you think I will need!