A4000 Replica Project


Please be sure to use a 1ohm resistor at R465!

Sourcing parts is up to you, but most are quite easy to find if you know how to use Digikey, Mouser or other electronics parts shops.

Parts Listing: https://github.com/Acill/A4000RevB/blob/master/A4000B_BOM.xls

Interactive Placement Site: http://www.hertell.nu/locator/locator.php?project=A4000

Amiga New Custom Chips and 23 Pin Connectors: https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/de/shop/product/alice-aga-nos.html

January 2019 Update: New board files and gerbers have been created and posted to the Github project page. A minor error was discovered that had solder mask covering the ground pads for the support bracket on the mouse and joystick ports. Previous boards work just fine and are not in danger of not working. This is more of a cosmetic update than anything else. Get the new file in the Gerber folder.

Thanks to a community effort the funds to reverse engineer the Amiga 4000 Rev B. This page is a place to follow updates and help direct those wanting more information, the board files, schematics and other project files located on GitHub at the link below:

Amiga 4000 Replica Project GitHub Repository

Boards are available for purchase from me in limited quantities for $85 each.