Amiga 1000 Clean Up & Recap

It’s not often you do an A1000, but they sure look fantastic with a new set of caps on them and all cleaned up! This one should go another 35 years.

Accepting Work Again!

I’ve managed to get completely caught up with my back log of work. I’ll now be accepting work on a limited basis. Seeing as it’s the holiday season please understand it will be slow to arrive and return. I’ve also got plans to go out of town for Christmas like many of you.

If you are in need of a recap, upgrade or restoration please feel free to send a message.

Say Hello to the NEWEST Amiga 4000 on the Planet (For Now)

This past weekend I decided to do something for myself for a change. It all started out with me deciding to build up my own personal 4000 Replica Project board. I have sold and made them for so many people that I figured it was time for ME to get some new Amiga love for a change. I am happy to say she came out BEAUTIFUL! Here she is in all her glory, along with some progress pictures as I went along to the final result seen below.

Atari 2600 Composite Mod

Here is something different than the usual Amiga work you all see me do. This time it’s a simple and quick mod to an Atari 2600. These come stock with RF only output for video and sound. Not many people have a TV that will accept this today. The solution is to add composite and standard sound outputs through RCA style Jack’s. The final result looks professional and original. Picture and sound is also very much improved.

A2000 Boards (Batch 2) Now Shipping

If you ordered and paid for an A2000 board from batch two they have started shipping today. For those that paid through PayPal as a purchase you should get an email validation with a tracking number. For those that paid another way I will generate a label and email you the tracking once it ships. Thanks you for the support and I hope you enjoy them! I do have some extra boards I ordered for those interested in one. The price for those in the USA is $95 and everyone else they are $100. This includes all postage and packing with fees.