Amiga Capacitors Lists!

Selection of leaded & SMD capacitors.

I realize not everyone wants to pay and have someone else recap an Amiga. For those looking to do it themselves I have taken the time to build up a simple page here now located up in the menu bar with the most common owned Amiga systems along with the Panasonic caps I use. These are high quality Hybrid Polymer variants. Can you get cheaper? Well, yes you can but I ask why? If you insists on them being standard low cost caps you can use the values and look for a normal one using this as well. Just find the size and search other brands or type in its place. I would ask why you would want to replace caps with lower quality though? Take the time to do it, and do it so it lasts is my feelings.

Also I would recomend you follow my good friend John “Chucky” Hertell’s guide on doing it right. You can find it on his site along with lots of other great things here:


Out of the Country Reminder!

As a reminder to all those waiting for returned boards and to those looking to get any new work done. I am currently working in Australia for another couple weeks. I return July 17th but will leave again for 3 weeks on another job in Spain July 20th. I thank you for understanding and will be attempting to get as many boards done from the 17th and 19th as I can and out.

Trustpilot Review Site

I created a profile over at Trustpilot. You can find it by just searching “Acill Classic”. I’d love to have those of you that had work done with me post a quick review of the experience you had. Good or bad is fine. I want an honest review of how I do with all of the projects I have taken on. Thanks for taking the time to support me and I hope to get continued support in the future!

The link is here to my review page: but it doesnt seem to like links at times. Search “Acill Classic” and it will also come up.

A Friendly Reminder on Repair Times

I want to tank everyone for the continued trust you have given me with your boards and projects. As I am about to fly to Australia for a couple weeks later tomorrow I would like to remind those looking for sending things in, and those that have it takes time to get to them all. I am doing this alone, in my free time and do not charge before I get things done because of that. If its ever taking longer than you are comfortable with by all means ask me to return an item and I will gladly do so and try to help find another option for you.

I thank everyone for the continued trust and support and hope to see you online! Feel free to contact me any time for questions. I am available online most days.

That Pesky Corrosion!

Happy to be able to say this nice 4000 is back from the dead. After looking over the board I discovered a tiny VIA with a green dot on it. Sure enough it had corroded through and broke the path the trace used it for. After cleaning it up and unfortunately having to use a jumper wire to repair it we are good to go!