Full Day of Soldering

It’s been a busy and long day. I’ve managed to get quite a few boards done and out today. I’m taking a pause with these on the bench for tomorrow morning.


CD32 Ready to Go!

This is one of the more rare NTSC units. Happy to say it’s working awesome and will continue to do so for years to come after a recap. Thanks for being so understanding and trusting me with all of your machines. It really does mean a lot to me having all of you put so much trust into my work and being understanding of the extended times it can often take me to get them back.

Home Again

I just got back from an exhausting month away. Rest assured I will be finishing up the last few of the repairs I’ve had in soon. I’ll need a few days to get back in this time zone. I’d also like to finish up what I have before taking anything else in for a short time.

As always, thanks for understanding and it’s good to be home.

Away Again for Work

For anyone looking to get things looked at, quotes or status updates I will not be available after today for about three weeks. I may have a slight chance to check in on Facebook but wouldn’t count on it. I should be able to get back to answer any inquiries about March 22nd or shortly after. Thanks as always for understanding.

MegaChip A500 Install

I had a request to install this MegaChip on a REV 5 Amiga 500 and take care of the 3.1 ROM kickstart socket mod as well while I had it. The process was fairly straight forward. I followed the original manual for the MegaChip for a REV 5 by cutting and relocation the JP2 jumper and then had to cut a single trace over near the trap door RAM header. You then need to attach a jumper wire from the board to pin 36 on Garry or pin 48 on the 68000 CPU socket. Once done I desoldered the original Agnus socket and replaced it with this newly made adapter board with 2MB and the 8375 Agnus on it directly to the motherboard. This will allow a 68000 socket accelerator like the Vampire 500 and others to fit over the Mega Chip. I am quite pleased with the final results. If you are interested in one of these you can pick one up over at Amibay following this link: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?101224-Megachip-for-A500-A2000-and-CDTV-(rj1307-project-Poland)

Jumper and Trace Cutting Modifications Required.

Greetings Everyone!

Its been a rough start of the year for me. As you all should know, and those that don’t I hope will understand the repair of classic systems isn’t a full-time job for me. I do this work mostly out of the love for the platform and to ensure they continue to live on. That being said I have had a lot of things sent in over a very short time. With my full-time regular job taking my time, me just getting over a massive case of the flu and a long trip scheduled to start on February 24th through March 23rd things WILL be returned slowly. I just want to make sure you are all updated and know I am working my best to get things done. As always if you can’t wait I fully understand and just ask you contact me so we can arrange for a return before I leave on the 24th.