Another A4000 Reborn!

Hello from Sunny Florida! Yes I am on yet another work trip and away from home not doing retro hardware stuff. I guess having to do my real job must get in the way from time to time right??

Well today I bring you a great picture of one of my boards I sent out to my good friend John Hertell. He has done an old dead 4000 a great service by transplanting its parts to this nice newly made white PCB, complete with my logo on it!!! It does me proud to see these machines getting new life in the exact way I have intended them to live again through these boards!! Well done John and thanks for showing it off!


A Blast from the Past

This takes me back to the good old days! This is my personal Xbox I modded way back when they were new. It’s got an Xecuter X3 mod in it wired to the power and reset front panel and a dip controlled add-on to let me change firmware from a set of flashed ones. I loved doing these things. I pulled it out of storage after reading about all the new stuff still being done on them. I’m going to flash it with the latest firmware, add another 64MB of RAM, change the CPU to a faster one and put in a SSD. Should be a lot of fun.

A New A1200 in Progress

While I’m enjoying being home and the nice slower pace of repairs being accepted I’ve started to do some of the long over due personal projects I’ve been waiting to start. The first one I’ve chosen is John Hertell’s Re1200. It’s moving along nice. I’ve had to take a break from it while on vacation for Christmas but plan to share more updates soon. Here are a few pictures for now. A link to the shared photo album is here: Re1200 Progress Photo Album

Amiga 1200 Revived

This one was a tough nut to crack. It came in for what I was told should be a simple recap. The board was in fairly good shape so I put it on the test bench before starting so I could see what we had. Unfortunately the mouse pointer was stuck up in the top left and wouldn’t move. After some help from a good friend John Hertell recommend I try replacing U34 seen up close here I’m happy to report this is now a fully functional 1200. It’s also got a complete recap done. This girl should last a long time to come now. These NTSC versions are a rare breed and need to be saved!

Accepting Boards Once Again

With things finally caught up again I can start to accept a selective amount of minor repairs, recaps, and upgrades again. Anything with severe corrosion and abuse will remain on hold for now. I just don’t have the time to deal with that. Recaps should go out within a few days of receiving them. Repairs will depend on the issue, but totally dead boards are not particularly desirable for me still. I do have several personal projects I would like to complete between things too.