Preferred Tools

Many people ask me what my preferred tools I use are. Here is a list of them along with links to Amazon (USA) if you are interested in picking any of them up for yourself. I will be adding to this page often, so please check back! If you have something specific you want a recommendation on please let me know as well.

Soldering Station – Hakko FM-203 (An alternative less expensive model is the FX-951)

Hakko FM2032 Micro Soldering Handpiece

Hakko Hot Micro Tweezers (Must be used with the FM-203)

Hakko FM-301 Desoldering Gun

Hakko Micro Cutters (Used for cutting through Hole Leads)

Kester Solder Rolls .015″ 1lb roll and .031 1lb roll

ESD Safe Soldering Assist Toolset

Soldering Mat