Preferred Tools

Many people ask me what my preferred tools I use are. Here is a list of them along with links to Amazon (USA) if you are interested in picking any of them up for yourself. I will be adding to this page often, so please check back! If you have something specific you want a recommendation on please let me know as well.

Soldering Station – Hakko FM-203 (An alternative less expensive model is the FX-951)

Hakko T12 Tip Set (Compatible with both the FM-203 & FX-951)

Hakko FM2032 Micro Soldering Handpiece

Hakko Hot Micro Tweezers (Must be used with the FM-203)

Hakko FM-301 Desoldering Gun

Alternative Desoldering Gun Option

30L Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

Hakko Micro Cutters (Used for cutting through Hole Leads)

Kester Solder Rolls .015″ 1lb roll and .031 1lb roll

Kester Lead Free Solder Rolls .015″ 1lb Roll or Rosin Core .031″ 1lb Roll:

ESD Safe Tweezers

Soldering Mat

Portable Microscope

IDE to CF Adapter (Deluxe Model) For Retro Machines

AFMAT Cordless Air Duster

Adjustable Monitor Arm

Magsafe RAM Mount Adapter