Accepting Boards Once Again

With things finally caught up again I can start to accept a selective amount of minor repairs, recaps, and upgrades again. Anything with severe corrosion and abuse will remain on hold for now. I just don’t have the time to deal with that. Recaps should go out within a few days of receiving them. Repairs will depend on the issue, but totally dead boards are not particularly desirable for me still. I do have several personal projects I would like to complete between things too.


Work Stoppage Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone looking for repairs, recaps and upgrades that I’m not accepting any new work for the rest of the year. I’m currently on travel related to my full time job that makes getting things done and returned in a timely manner nearly impossible.

Another difficult situation are the fires here in Southern California where I live. This is causing some significant postal delays as well and unnecessary risk of loss I don’t want to take any chances with.

Return of Boards

Some may have recently received boards back that have been in my possession for what I’ve felt has been an excessive amount of time. I’ve done several repairs on them and reached a point that needed more parts or time to make 100% again. Rather than hold them longer I’ve chosen to return them at my expense. No charges for this is due and the services are all on me. Once things slow down I’d be more than happy to take them back for future work if you wish. Thanks for your continued trust.

Slow Returns While Away

Just as a reminder for those waiting on work to be returned that I am away on travel for my regular full time job. I’m working as fast as I can while home between trips to get things done and returned. There unfortunately are still no slots for me to accept any more repairs at this time before I get what’s in done. I expect this to be in January 2019 as I’ll be spending some time on holiday and expect to get some things done over that. If you’d like anything returned early let me know and I’ll do so at my expense.

Amiwest 2018 Starting October 11th!


AmiWest 2018, the 21st AmiWest show celebrating two decades of AmiWest, and related events: October 11th to October 14th, 2018! I will be there this Friday afternoon and will have several things to show such as my adapters, homemade accelerators, A4000 Replica Boards, John Hertell’s Re1200 boards and even some Commodore 8bit gear! If you are in the area this is the premiere Amiga event! See you soon! 

For more information and a list of events go check out

Delayed Returns and Longer Than Usual Wait Times

Due to some unexpected travel and near no notice jobs that have come up in my full time regular job things will take longer to get back than expected. I apologise in advance for this . Most of those with things with me have been informed of this and any recent items sent in have also been informed prior. Due to the backlog I’ll not be accepting anything for the remainder of the year. I do and will often make exceptions during work stoppage, but it’s not fair to those sending in things to make you wait for what I feel is an excessive time. As always thanks for trusting me with your repair needs. I do enjoy being able to help when I can.

This is only for the rest of the year and expect to be caught up again after the new year holiday when I’ll start accepting more in again.