Blizzard 1240 to 1260 Upgrade

This was done for an A1200 in a tower. Usually, you would also replace the SIMM socket with a laydown one so the case can be closed up and the trapdoor cover replaced. In the 1240 configuration that isn’t possible. This is now a much faster and usable card!


Vampire 500V2 to A2000 CPU Adapters

I have run out of all the current stock to build these adapters. I have some boards being produced and expect them to ship and be ready in about three weeks. Once they come in I will post again when ready to take more orders of them. Thank you for the understanding. Prices will be $35 for US shipped and $40 for International.

JUST GOT SHIPPING NOTICE! Once they come in I will build and test. If all good I will start taking orders again on the forums. Stay tuned folks!