New Video Released! A4000 Buster Upgrade

All new video is currently being uploaded to my YouTube channel! In this video I cover removing, replacing and cleanup of an Amiga 4000 and an older Buster 09 to 11 upgrade. I also show off the process I use for ultrasonic cleaning of the board when its done and the final result. ENJOY!!!

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Amazing CF to IDE Adapter!

I was playing around on Amazon and found these amazing IDE adapters for CF cards. These are perfect for Amiga use! I’ll be ordering up a few and reviewing them once they get in. If you are interested in picking up one for youself you can find them here:

A4000 Back in Action!

This 4000 while working somewhat after removing the clock parts and fast ram control parts (without the ability to have fast ram after) needed to be complete again. Happy to say its got fixed traces, all 16mb of fast ram and boots up nice. Still no clock circuit, but that was the owners decision.

Amiga 2000 Replica Boards in Stock Soon! Limited Supply!

I have a few more in stock since my minimum is 5 I can let a few go. I just ordered another batch as well and expect them by the end of the week. If anyone would like one they are $105 shipped to USA addresses and $110 rest of the world. This includes packing, shipping, paypal fees and the board itself. I can also supply my mouser cart with most of the stuff you need. I salvage the rest from boards I am repairing. These are USA made boards and are deep blue with gold electro plate contacts and traces.

For those wondering what it costs me to get them done I have no problem sharing that. I pay $309 per 5 boards. So I am not doing this to make a profit. I do it so others can benefit from getting a good quality board for a fair price that is tested before leaving the factory and will work if soldered correctly.