Discord Server Live!

Okay, you all asked so here it is. The Acill classics Discord! I even set it up so Patreon Supporters get a nice special tag and color. https://discord.gg/5Ugfvp

As always, thank you for all the support and I hope this little service helps in a way that makes it even more fun for us all!

Live Soldering Classes? Maybe!

I have been thinking over the idea of doing an every other week soldering class live at a dedicated time in order to help build up my Patreon page and have some useful content to share. The idea is to offer Paterons the private view of the stream first and then to publish it on my YouTube channel just before the next one goes live two weeks later. This all depends on me being home and the interest in this.

So tell me, how do you all feel about something like this? Currently I offer a $1, $5 and a $30 support set. I dont expect anyone to feel the need to use the two higher ones, and if they do I offer some nice perks for it as a thank you. These classes will be for ANY level. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

Lepow Portable Screen with the ZZ9000

I’ve been having a lot of difficulty fighting with the HDMI input on my beloved Dell U2410 monitors and my A4000 that uses the ZZ9000 graphics card. As many of you may know the Dell U2410 will support native Amiga 15khz through its VGA port using a standard Amiga 23 pin to VGA adapter. It works amazingly well for testing out boards here in the shop.

One thing I have discovered recently though is it doent seem to like the output of the ZZ9000 HDMI when its passing through upscaled native output. This was a real disappointment for me to discover since I use this monitor not only in the shop, but also upstairs on my personal Amiga systems like the A600 with a Vampire, A4000T, A4000D with the ZZ9000 and my X5000 (Yes this monitor also has an impressive number of inputs) on it. The issue is only with the ZZ9000, and while not a huge deal, however it sure is nice having the ability to just have one HDMI output and not have to change monitor inputs ever when using a machine. The Dell just refuses to properly sync with its output while trying to display native RGB 15khz siginals passed through.

In comes this beauty! The Lepow Portable Monitor! It scales and works perfectly in both RTG modes and the upscaled Native modes. Both are Crystal clear and work flawless. The price of the monitor is just unmatched too. For $165 you get a great 15.5″ monitor, a smart cover, cables for HDMI and USB C video inputs, another cable for power (You dont need power if using a USB device for vide like the Galaxy Note 10 Phone I have) and a power brick. I am using the HDMI cable supplied here along with a USB power bank and USB C cable. If you are looking for a fantastic solution for a 2nd monitor that is easy to take on travels with you, this is it!

Pick it up here at Amazon on sale! https://amzn.to/2Ocsy9c

IRC Channel Up!

After getting a few requests for a quick and easy place to get some live support or questions for those not wanting to use Facebook messenger and wait for email I have decided to setup a IRC channel for the site here. Its located on Freenode and is at #acillclassics so come on in and chat it up!

It’s been a Busy Week!

I’ve been quite busy getting boards fixed, recaps done and restoring systems back to like new. I’ve you have things in and are waiting you should be getting a new message soon with info on its status.

I’ve also started trying out a new software queue that will allow me to updates status, generate clear invoices and receipts with updates going out live as I enter them. Keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think of it.

Here are a few of the awesome boards that went out over the last week.

Repair Status and Updates

Unfortunately the current job I’m away on has took an unexpected delay and I’ve been working over the last two weekends. I’ve just been told I will be working over this next full weekend as well. I apologise for this delay and sincerely hope those with work in for me will understand. I will be home no later than June 15th and will be taking two weeks of vacation time to catch up in things I’ve missed.

I will also be reaching out to those with work in as I complete things to work out some sort of deal with you in hopes of making the wait a bit more worth it. Thaks for understanding.

Mister FPGA Demo!

A lot of people have been asking about the Mister FPGA and what it can do. I was surprised to see just how few Amiga owners know about this and the capability it has to turn itself into a fully featured Amiga with AGA. I also go over a few of the other cores like the Atari ST, PCEngine CD and the Neo Geo. Check it out and enjoy!