Amiga 2000 Replica!

This is a great project for the fans of the awesome Rev 6.X series of the A2000! I’ve had some time in the evenings while I’m stuck here in Spain working on a job to review it and make a couple of small changes. I am not merging them into this main project out of respect for the original creator since we haven’t talked, and to be honest I only cleaned up some areas in the ZII and video slot to see if it cleans up the signals. I’ve got two RED (Come on of course they are) prototype PCBs on the way and will be waiting when I return. If all goes well and they work I want to see about having my USA Fab produce commercial quality boards just like my A4000 boards. I’m also wanting to see if the creator of this project is open to accepting a $5 or $10 donation over what it costs me to produce them. I have confirmation from the Fab that they will be able to sell them to me at the same $65 a board in batches of 10 like the 4000. That means I’d still be able to offer them for $85 shipped just like the 4000 in the same gold plated quality! $90 or $95 with the extra going back to him.


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