A September Update from Japan!

What is happening everyone? First off I just want to say hello and thank you to everyone that continues to support me and keep me motivated in all of this stuff. Without all of you giving me the praise and support you do I think I would have stopped this madness long ago. It takes a lot of my free time to do all of this and as many knoe, free time is something I do not get a lot of!

So whats been up? Well as many of you know I had a bit of a drama moment with the boards I released for the 2000. I wont go into it a lot, but lets just say I let my pride get in the way of what should of been a minor thing. The boards look great and have all been very well received. Even the one I sent to Floppy209 got to him and he mentioned how nice it was. Thank you for helping me with that. For those wondering if I will be getting more of them made, that is a big YES! I just need to get home on the 28th and see what those wanting one looks like as far as numbers goes. Also the all important cost of it! They will still be $95 in the US and $100 for out of the US. That includes everything to get it from myself to you. i learned a few lessons and will secure them a bit better so no corners are smashed during transport as well.

The big question on everyone’s mind is my freak out and if I am not going to be doing repairs and services any more. Well I am man enough to admit I took things a bit personal and went a bit overboard in my response to it all. The answer is yes, I will continue to do things as time permits. I want to start doing less major surgery on bad boards and more restoration and new board build up. We are now at the point that every major Amiga model is represented with new boards. The only exception being the A600. I started doing one and ran out of time for it. I would like to see it get done, but the cost of doing one is a bit much in relation to what they are worth. Do you all feel its a good option to have? Let me know and we can see about getting it done. Recaps, chip replacements and upgrades are welcome all the time of course. All I ask is you continue to be understanding of the slow return times that repairs can take. Also understand like this Japan trip I am on now things happen that can suddenly take me away for a month or more and work will not get done. Things can often take more than a couple months to get back if they are more than a simple recap.

All this being said I am happy to be in this community and am here to help. Dont feel bad about asking for it and if you want advice on getting something you are trying to fix you absolutely can reach out. I am not here for the money, I am here for giving the support and making our beloved machines live on! The last point I would like to make is asking for some help in getting parts. If you have them and can donate them to the cause I would be grateful. In the US they are hard to come by, and eBay isnt a good option for me. At times the dead boards I want parts from are just as expensive as a working one is over in Europe here! I plan to sell off some machines in the near future to raise some money for much needed supplies and parts. I am out of a lot of things and dont have the money to restock all up front like I have in the past.

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